Part I. Data Services for Researchers and Learners

The first section of the book, Data Support Services for Researchers and Learners, is intended to serve as a toolbox for developing academic library services for data creators and consumers, encompassing data-focused perspectives on familiar librarian activities, such as reference and information literacy, and also branching out to cover topics specific to databrarianship, such as data wrangling and support of researchers working with restricted data.

  1. A Studio Model for Academic Data Services
    Samantha Guss
  2. Embedded Options: A Common Framework
    Cynthia Hudson-Vitale
  3. Data Reference: Strategies for Subject Librarians
    Bobray Bordelon
  4. The Data Management Village: Collaboration among Research Support Providers
    Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Lisa R. Johnston, and Thomas A. Lindsay
    Appendix: Curation Criteria
  5. The Data Librarian in the Liberal Arts College
    Ryan Clement
  6. Teaching Foundational Data Skills in the Library
    Adam Beauchamp and Christine Murray
  7. Technical Data Skills for Reproducible Research
    Harrison Dekker and Paula Lackie
  8. Restricted Data Access and Libraries
    Jen Darragh