Part III. Data Sharing and Access

Chapters in this section looks at the place of data in scholarly communication and delves further into the growing field of research data management. As a bonus, those authors who compiled datasets as part of their research are providing a good example for data sharers by making their data available for download.

  1. Scholarly Communication and Data
    Hailey Mooney
  2. Data Sharing Policies in Social Sciences Academic Journals: Evolving Expectations of Data Sharing as a Form of Scholarly Communication Joel Herndon and Robert O’Reilly
    Dataverse: Data on data sharing policies 
  3. Selection and Appraisal of Digital Research Datasets
    Christopher Eaker
  4. Local Data Success Story: The University of Calgary Library’s Ten Years with the City of Calgary
    Susan McKee
  5. Metadata for Social Science Data: Collaborative Best Practices
    Jane Fry and Amber Leahey
  6. Exploring Disciplinary Metadata and Documentation Practices to Strengthen Data Archiving Services
    Elizabeth Rolando, Lisha Li, Ameet Doshi, Alison Valk, and Karen Young
    Archive: Coded interview data used in chapter
    Appendices A through F