Part IV. Data: Past, Present, and Future

The book concludes with Data: Past, Present, and Future. Two chapters examine the history of how data librarianship developed in two very different sets of circumstances, followed by a look at the current experiences of science data specialists and concluding with a discussion of how to train the databrarians of the future.

  1. View from Across the Pond: A UK Perspective
    Robin Rice
  2. The Academic Data Librarian Profession in Canada: History and Future Directions
    Elizabeth Hill and Vincent Gray
    Maps showing the expansion of data services n Canada
  3. Data Librarianship: A Day in the Life—Science Edition
    Danianne Mizzy and Michele Hayslett
    Dataset: Responses from Science Data Librarians
  4. Teaching Data Librarianship to LIS Students
    Michael McCaffrey and Walter Giesbrecht
    Appendix: Course Syllabus